[OT] Chown returns file lock error

  • Hi All,

    Sorry for the off topic.

    In my cocoa application,  I want to create copy of a directory
    (exists on my machine ) in remote machine with same file mode, owner
    and group. For this i am creating directory with USERID&0777 (for
    same source directory permissions) permissions on remote machine. And
    after that i am changing owner and group using chown(const char
    *path, uid_t owner, gid_t group).

    Chown fails and returning error:45, which is file locked error.

    Am i doing anything wrong here. Shall i want check before setting --
    whether particular owner and group id exists on the remote machine.
    Is it the right way to create owner and group on remote machine?

    Thanks & Regards,
    - Apparao.
  • > Sorry for the off topic.

      ... and there's where it should've occurred to you not to post your
    question on this list. It has nothing to do with Cocoa and there are
    *many* other lists and resources out there better suited.

      Don't apologize for posting off-topic messages. Simply don't post
    off-topic messages.

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