Sound using QTKit "cracks up" randomly

  • Hi,

    I have a test app where a short sound is played repeatedly up to
    about 320 times a minute.  I want to allow the user to adjust the
    volume, so tried out the QTKit framework, as I'm not up to using
    CoreAudio.  But the sound randomly cracks up and loses volume (both
    happen at once).

    Not sure if this is a known problem or a programmer error(!).

    Here's how I get the sound:

    QTMovie *sound;

    sound = [[[QTMovie alloc] initWithFile:filePath error:nil];

    Then in a callback for NSTimer:

    [sound play];

    Things work for a while, then random cracks/distortions/volume fades
    occur.  I've gotten a few other people to test, and the problem
    manifests on various machine types with no apparent pattern.  That
    is, one MacBook Pro has the problem, one doesn't; one G4 doesn't have
    the problem, while another does.  In fact, the problem occurred on my
    machine a few months ago, but I recently tried out the same test
    project to see if I could fix it, but now no problem on my machine!

    Would anyone have any ideas, or could direct me to the correct mail
    list.  I haven't yet tried the Quick Time lists because I'm not sure
    if this is a Quick Time problem or a QTKit problem.


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