PSContent HTML retrieval

  • I'm new to the whole Atom/RSS thing (I usually just read them) but I
    writing a class that needs to access elements of an Atom feed and I'm
    a little lost.

    Ostensibly the format of the feed doesn't mean anything to a PubSub
    client 'cos it abstracts the format implementation, but in the
    interests for completeness the feed I'm working with is in Atom
    format. PSEntry has a PSContent *content property and my feed has the
    following element in the <entry> element:

    <content src="" type="html" />

    It is my understanding that the content tag could contain the actual
    HTML, a plain-text string, or this src attribute. What I need is a way
    to transparently (preferably using the PSContent API) get the content
    data into a WebView.

    It seems a simple thing to do but I can't seem to wrap my head around
    - Keith
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