Reading a Core Data store with other tools?

  • I understand that it is recommended to use the XML store when
    debugging Core Data, but you know life doesn't always work out the way
    you planned it.  I was hoping that I could read a Core Data store
    file by using the command-line tool 'sqlite3' that ships with Leopard,
    but I get:

    SQL error: file is encrypted or is not a database

    Probably the answer is "no", that for Core Data Apple has tweaked
    sqlite beyond recognition, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows
    a trick or different tool which can read Core Data stores.


    Jerry Krinock

    P.S.  I did search the list archives and was surprised not to find
    that this question has ever been asked.
  • Please disregard my previous message.  It turns out that I was still
    using the xml type store.  Duh.

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