Dragging Issues With IKImageBrowserView

  • I have two sets of images browser items, and depending on user input,
    I feed one of the sets into a IKBrowserView. The items themselves are
    all NSManagedObjects in a store, and they implement IKImageBrowserItem.

    The issue is one of the sets is all URL represented objects, and the
    other is all data represented objects. The URL represented objects
    behave like they should, I can drag them out of the view and into
    another view which is setup to accept file or TIFF pasteboard drops.
    However, with the second set of data represented items, I can't drag
    them at all. I can't even drag them for reordering.

    The best explanation I can come up with as to why this is happening is
    that NSPasteboard doesn't have a type for image data, just image data
    of a certain type (I've tried representing my image browser data items
    as NSImage items and that also does not work). The workaround would
    seem to be that I would have to save my images as files on the hard
    drive, add records to my CoreData store for ordering and other
    metadata, and have those records point to the images on the drive.
    That way I can represent my images as URLs.

    Has anyone else run into this issue? Perhaps someone has some insight
    into using memory backed images as dragging sources in an

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