About InputManager and third-party applications

  • Hello folks,

    A project that I  inherited uses the NSInputManager API to load
    applescript terminology into several well-known applications. I've
    read up a little bit on the old API and have also followed the recent
    discussion of the new InputMethodKit. I'm a little curious about the
    original intended use of NSInputManager. Obviously, it's an insecure
    method of manipulating an application. On the other hand, at the time,
    the previous engineer apparently thought it was a feasible way to add
    functionality/communication between applications. Is the use of the
    API in such a fashion considered inappropriate? Would it be an in/
    appropriate use of the new API? (I'm going to ask specifically about
    applescript augmentation on the implementors list, but thought folks
    here might have some history or knowledge about using InputManagers to
    get such a result)

    thanks for any info,

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