[newbie][Core Data] Code-side filled data not shown in Table

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with CoreData. I'm pretty new to CoreData so this
    question might be dumb.

    The first step in my app is to fetch a XML and put it in to CoreData.
    This seems to work, as the .xml in the app-folder in
    ApplicationSupport looks good. Everything appears where I expect it.

    In the app those values should be displayed in a NSTable. So I added
    an ArrayController to handle the data.

    In the "ObjectController"-Section of the ArrayController I set Mode to
    Entity and Entity Name to the Name of the Entity in my  datamodel. In
    the bindings section I set Parameters for "Bind to" to the AppDelegate
    and the "Model Key Path" to "managed Object Context".

    For a first test a I set up only one table column. In the Value-
    Section of the Binding-Properties is set "Bind to:" to the
    ArrayController, ControllerKey to "arrangedObjects" and the "Model Key
    Path" to a Propery of the Entity which has, according to the xml in
    the appSupport folder, definitely more than on valid value.

    When I now fire the App table row is and remains empty :(

    Did I forget to make some settings?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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