NSTextView scroll is really slow!! How do I achieve fast scrolling like Terminal App?

  • I've read a lot threads on the email lists about how to set up an
    automatically vertically scrolling view similar to a terminal view.
    I want new text to appear at the bottom of a textview and the scroll
    bar position to remain at the bottom, unless the user has moved it to
    look at some text.  Basically I want a window that displays text
    output that behaves and performs exactly like the Terminal
    application or the Run Log in XCode.

    I have attempted to do this by appending my text data to the
    textStorage mutableString.  To control the scroll bar position, I use
    the scrollToVisibleRange method.  Unfortunately, I have read about
    and experienced the performance hit when using this method (It is
    supposedly O(N) for the number of lines).

    I know that this can be done because I see that the Run Log in Xcode
    and the Terminal have this behavior without getting the spinning ball
    when it updates more than 10 lines a second.  Can someone give me a
    hint at a more efficient way to achieve this behavior?

    Here my current implementation for the textview:

    - (void)updateReceiverConsole:(NSNotification *)aNotification
    float scrollPos = [[receiverScroll verticalScroller] floatValue]; //
    Get the current scrollbar position

    NSString *aLogMessage = [aNotification object];
    if(!aLogMessage==nil)  //Append the new text to the textStorage
      [[[receiverConsole textStorage] mutableString ]

    // Delete the old lines of text to keep the text a set number of lines
    if([[[receiverConsole textStorage] paragraphs] count]>50)
      [[receiverConsole textStorage] deleteCharactersInRange:NSMakeRange
    (0, [[[[receiverConsole textStorage] paragraphs] objectAtIndex:0]

    // if the scrollbar *was all the way at the bottom before the new
    text was appended,
    // then scroll down to the bottom
    if( scrollPos == 1.0 )
      NSRange range;
      range = NSMakeRange ([[receiverConsole string] length], 0);

      [receiverConsole scrollRangeToVisible: range];  //This method is O
    (N) for the number of lines!


    Chris Woodruff

    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    M/S: 138-206
    4800 Oak Grove Dr.
    Pasadena, CA 91109
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