Spaces + AXUI API (accessibility)

  • Hello All,

    I am the author of Zooom and a few customers have asked me whether or
    not its possible to have my application automatically initiate a
    spaces 'switch'.

    Perhaps a tiny bit of background is in order though - in order to
    understand the perspective I'm coming from:  The basic background/crux
    of Zooom is that one holds down some special key combination (e.g the
    Alt and Command key) - and Zooom will locate the window under the
    mouse and then allow you to move or resize that window without having
    to be very precise about locating things like the title bar (to move)
    or the grow area (to resize).

    So I started to try to find some more info about the Spaces system,
    and whether or not there is an API that could let me kick off a spaces
    shift / switch.  There does not seem to be any API that'd let me do
    this, and some recent messages appear to confirm this (see thread on
    this list titled: Notification when switching Spaces?).  However, it
    never hurts to ask...


    a) Is there some way of duplicating the [apparently] built in Finder
    behaviour where dragging a window to the edge of a display (and
    holding it momentarily there, hard up against the edge) initiates a
    spaces switch?

    On a related point, Zooom uses the Event Tap API to figure out where
    the mouse is, and a problem is that the Event Tap API will never tell
    me that my mouse has gone over the edge of the screen display area,
    which is intuitive and sensible (until this question came along :-)) -
    but I was wondering, even *if* there was an answer to question (A),

    b) Is there a way to tell if the mouse cursor has (or would have)
    exceeded the physical co-ordinate space of the display?

    Thanks for any answers and/or insight.

    John Clayton
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