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  • Hi all,

    I've been going in circles for 2-3 hours now, trying to follow an old
    screensaver example from MacTech with Leopard's Xcode and IB instead
    of 2.x. I can get the screensaver portion working with no problem, but
    trying to build the config sheet in IB 3 has me in a lather. It's
    pretty clear to me how to accomplish the tasks in 2.x flavours of IB,
    but 3 has me at a standstill.

    My screensaver class SoSView, comes straight off ScreenSaverView,
    started by creating a ScreenSaver project in Xcode 3. Because of this,
    there is not a pre-existing nib in the project.

    I'm having a number of problems with the nib and IB:

    - whether I add a new nib (or xib) to the project from Xcode, or start
    a new nib from IB and tell it to read the .h file, I can't seem to get
    IB to recognize SOSView. When starting from Xcode with File > New
    file, the green light comes on in the nib window in IB, SoS.xcodeproj
    is displayed next to the light, and clicking on it jumps me to the
    project in Xcode, but when I want to set any of my views' or windows'
    classes to SoSView, I can't see SoSView in the list, though many
    familiar NS classes do show up. File > Synchronize with Xcode from IB
    doesn't change the situation. My understanding from reading this list
    recently is that I need to dragon drop a control/view/window, then
    change its custom Class with the "i" tab of the inspector; is that

    - if I start my nib from Xcode, with File > New File > Interface
    Builder > Cocoa > nib > Application nib or Empty nib, the new nib
    joins the nib files group, and all seems hunky-dory, except for the
    above Custom Class problem. The green light comes on in IB. But if I
    start with New in IB and choose an Empty or Window template, I can't
    for the life of me seem to associate it with the Xcode project after
    that. File > Read Class Files... doesn't cause the green light to
    shine, though it processes the .h without comment or error. Nib Info
    panel shows N/A for Project name and Project folder; Save to the
    project dir doesn't change the situation. What's the magic?

    - the old instructions say to set the class of File's Owner to your
    SSView sub-class, then CTL-drag from File's Owner to the window to
    connect the IBOutlet designated for the window. No Joy, no outlet
    available (of course, since File's Owner's class is still NSObject!).
    I've never had to deal with File's Owner before (well once, for a
    delegate). I assume that if I can ever get my custom class set for
    File's Owner, I'll be able to see the outlet from SoSView and connect
    it there, just as in 2.x. Does that sound right?

    Anyway, this is a much steeper learning curve than I'd expected for
    IB, given that I've been working on another project with 2 windows,
    lots of panels, and dozens of controls for 6 mo. Seems like Apple
    might have wanted to create a doc "For experienced 2.x Xcode/IB users
    - how to accomplish the same things in Leopard". From the list
    traffic, I see that I'm not the only one struggling. The documentation
    for IB seems rather obtuse when viewed from the "experienced
    developer" POV: I had to skim through tons of "this is why nibs are
    used" and such like, hoping I wasn't missing useful stuff. The useful
    stuff (i.e. new stuff or new way of doing something, useful for
    existing developers) seems to have a density of about 20% in those
    initial chapters, which is why I think a condensed version for folks
    generally familiar with Xcode/IB development platforms and some of the
    theory behind them would be justifiable.

    I think once I get past this rough patch, Im going to really like The
    Leopard's Way, coz all the pieces seem to be there, ready to work
    together. The brain just has to reconfigure a bit.

    Hasta MaƱana,

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