-[NSCalendar firstWeekday] keeps getting overwritten?

  • I posted a more generic version of this question to the xcode-users
    mailing list, but didn't get anywhere...

    I'm having a problem that is only occurring in Leopard. I have an
    object that has an NSCalendar as a property. The calendar is copied
    (rather than retained) from the sender.

    The problem I'm having is its firstWeekday property value is
    constantly being overwritten in memory from somewhere else, and I am
    positive that it is not being overwritten by a set method, since
    neither -setFirstWeekday: or the CF equivalent are being called on the
    same calendar during the time that the value changes.

    Normally I'd set a watchpoint on the memory address to find the
    culprit, except that CFCalendarRef is an opaque data structure, and
    even if the Leopard CF source code was available, CFCalendarRef has
    always been a semi-private part of CF.

    So I have two questions:

    1. What's going on here? Why is the firstWeekday property being
    overridden by something on Leopard, but not on Tiger?

    2. How do I track down the culprit when I have no idea when I have no
    idea what memory address the instance variable is using?

    Nick Zitzmann
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