NSCollectionView under the hood?

  • There have been a few posts on the list voicing confusion with the way
    NSCollectionView works. I am also trying to subclass it, and have
    found the documentation to be quite opaque. What's an item prototype?
    What does it do? What's the deal with NSCollectionViewItem? How does
    any of this relate to the item's representedObject?

    Is the documentation vague because we're not really supposed to be
    subclassing NSCollectionView? Or is it built around some pattern I'm
    not familiar with so I'm not cluing in to obvious naming conventions
    or something? It seems like it can be made into a powerful control
    (it's used as the basis for IKImageBrowserView?), and I'd really like
    to make use of it in my code if I could just figure out how to connect
    the plumbing.

    -Joshua Emmons
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