Multiple "Open Recent" menus;

  • Hello all,

    I have a weird issue with Open Recent and NSDocumentController.

    You can easily see the problem by performing a simple test. If you
    have an app that has an Open Recent menu item in the MainMenu.nib,
    open IB and copy/paste it in the File menu. So now your File menu
    should have 2 Open Recent menus (and they both should have the "Open
    Recent Menu" radio checked on the IB Attributes inspector).

    Now when you run your app, you will see that only the first one gets
    populated with your recent docs. The second one only has the Clear
    menu item. However, they are both hooked up to the same document
    controller, since if you Clear one, the other one responds

    So yah, that example is a bit out there, and its not my real
    situation (no one really wants to Open Recents right next to each
    other), but it is a quick way to demonstrate the problem. Anyone know
    what is going on with this and why only the first menu shows the list
    of recent docs as defined in the NSRecentDocumentRecords key in the
    prefs file? Does the NSDocumentController only have a reference to
    one NSMenu that it manages? If so, can I change that reference somehow?

    Note that this also is a problem if you manually add an Open Recent
    menu item through the instructions in

      - Matt
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