Bindings, IKImageBrowserView, and reordering

  • I have set up an IKImageBrowserView that binds to an NSArrayController
    (which is then bound to a mutable array in my model). This seems to
    work find, and the image items that I insert into the mutable array
    show up and are displayed by the IKImageBrowserView. I have
    "Reordering" selected in IB (and I verified that when the view awakes
    from the nib, -allowsReordering returns YES). However, I can't reorder
    the items in my view.

    Other (possibly) important things to mention:

    • The image items added to the view (ImageBrowserItem, which conforms
    to IKImageBrowserItem) are different instances, with different
    • The imageRepresentation is loaded from the same image file using
    NSImage's +imageNamed.
    • In the NSArrayController settings, ImageBrowserItem is specified for
    "Class Name", which usually defalts to NSMutableDictionary.

    Could this possibly have anything to do with using bindings instead of
    a datasource? I'm somewhat new to bindings so I suspect that maybe
    I've made some important setting read only, or forgot to specify
    something, causing the view to not allow re-ording.

    Any ideas?


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