Cocoa interface to change string bound to CFBundleIdentifier?

  • Ah, a question that does not have to do with Leopard ...

    Is there a Cocoa interface to change the string bound to

    (Those of you who are about to tell me that that is an insane
    thing to do are almost certainly right; but I am trying to
    understand and debug a rare error that I suspect may be related
    to the use of that string to name a Mach port at or near launch
    time, and the ability to change the string might help me
    figure out what is going on.  The terminally curious can learn
    more about what I am doing from my recent posting on the
    darwin-dev list.)

    My fall-back position is to write a shell script to modify
    Info.plist directly and invoke it with the Unix "system" call,
    but I am hoping there is an easier way.

    Thanks much!

    --  Jay Reynolds Freeman
    <Jay_Reynolds_Freeman...> (personal web site)
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