No results with my custom documents during spotlight search

  • I've noticed a disconcerting problem with my Spotlight metadata
    importer on Leopard. Spotlight queries no longer return my own
    documents although the content matches the query.

    While this may seem like a simple mdimporter problem, my custom
    mdimporter appears to be working fine. Running mdimport -L shows my
    importer in the list, and the importer is correctly identifying my
    files, their document types and my associated importer. In fact,
    manually running mdimport at any of the debug levels on the files
    correctly and as far as I can tell successfully extracts their
    metadata. Terminal output matches what my mdimporter should produce.

    Nevertheless, the documents still fail to show up during a Spotlight
    query, even after manually running mdimport with a reported success.

    In terms of regression, the same importer continues to work fine on

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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