Re: [Leopard] Core Data and model changes regarding indexing

  • Hi list,

    In a previous post [Re: Core data model configuration & Leopard],
    mmalc answered pretty precisely to a question regarding model changes,
    and what is considered a change.

    > Has the *model* changed in any way?  With the new versioning and
    > migration feature in 10.5, Core Data takes the following into account:
    > Core Data’s perspective on versioning is that it is only interested
    > in features of the model that affect persistence. This means that
    > for two models to be compatible:
    > • For each entity the following attributes must be equal: name,
    > parent, isAbstract, and properties.
    > className, userInfo, and validation predicates are not compared.
    > • For each property in each entity, the following attributes must
    > be equal: name, isOptional,isTransient, isReadOnly, for attributes
    > attributeType, and for relationshipsdestinationEntity, minCount,
    > maxCount, deleteRule, and inverseRelationship.
    > userInfo and validation predicates are not compared.
    > (see Core Data Model Versioning and Data Migration Programming Guide
    >> Versioning).
    > Not all this information is maintained in the store, but it *may* be
    > that you managed to get away with something on Tiger that isn't now
    > allowed on Leopard.

    But I've seen no info about the "isIndexed" attributes migration.
    I have model working on Tiger with no index placed on any attributes,
    but now, I would like to index some attributes. How does it affect
    models compatibility?
    Is it managed by the migration manager ? is it safe to simply check
    this checkbox in Xcode modeler?

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