Subview not registered for undo&save by default (why ?)

  • Hello all,

      I have an NSDocument subclass that owns a nib with a main view containing
    many sub (text) views. As is normal, the NSDocument subclass automatically
    keeps track carefully
    of all changes made in those subviews for undo&save purposes -actually, for
    all subviews except one baffling exception. For this subview, when I make
    in it the document does not mark itself automatically dirty (and therefore
    to take those changes into account on closing if no other modification of
    the document is made. If another subview is modified or if the user forces
    a save,
    however, everything is saved).

    Reviewing my code I cannot see why this particular subview is treated
    differently : like all the other subviews, I create it, make it a subview
    of the main
    view, set its delegate to be the NSDocument subclass, etc.

                Any ideas ?

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