Three New Documents Available for Cocoa and QuickTime Developers

  • Hello,

    Just wanted to announce to the list the availability of three new
    documents relevant to QuickTime and Cocoa developers.

    With the release of Mac OS X v10.5 and the latest release of QuickTime
    7.2.1, you’ll find that the reach and capability of QuickTime have
    been significantly extended. The QTKit framework now includes the
    addition of 17 new classes, all designed to support professional-level
    video and audio capture, and pro-grade recording of media.

    [1] The “QuickTime Kit Framework Reference” (275 pp) describes the 15
    new QTKit capture classes and methods available in Mac OS X v10.5, as
    well as providing updates to the existing five QTKit classes, methods,
    and attributes, along with the introduction of two new classes that
    support core animation layers. The 15 new classes added to the
    existing five are intended to provide Cocoa and QuickTime developers
    with a viable alternative to the procedural C sequence grabber API.
    Using the QTKit capture API is now the preferred way of developing
    applications that support capture and recording of media. The new,
    more robust API supports frame-accurate, real-time motion capture.

    The reference is available at <

    [2] The “QTKit Capture Programming Guide” (60 pp) provides you with a
    hands-on tutorial, describing how you can build a simple, yet powerful
    QTKit capture player application. When completed, your QTKit capture
    player lets you capture a video stream and record the media to a
    QuickTime movie. Using Xcode 3 and IB 3, you won’t have to write more
    than 20 or 30 lines of Objective-C code to implement this capture
    player. The tutorial also describes how you can extend the
    “MyRecorder” app by adding audio input and DV camera support. A second
    code example describes how you can construct a QTKit stop or still
    motion application, using three new QTKit classes and their associated

    The guide is available at <

    [3] The “QuickTime 7.2.1 Update Guide” (34 pp) describes the new
    features, changes, and enhancements available in QuickTime 7.2.1, the
    version that ships with Mac OS X v10.5. The guide documents, among
    other topics, reference movie creation for the iPhone, new methods
    designed to handle thread-safety, support for core animation, 64-bit
    support via the QTKit framework, changes to the QuickTime Player user
    interface, new audio context inserts API, and so on. If you’re a
    QuickTime API-level developer, content author, multimedia producer, or
    Webmaster currently working with QuickTime, you should read this

    Note: For QT Java developers, Java applets are now required to be
    “signed” in order to access QuickTime for Java and take advantage of

    The update guide is available at <

    Use the feedback form at the bottom of each page in the documents to
    provide comments and suggestions. You can also email me at <maremaa...>
    > if you have specific issues with the documents, or want new topics



    Tom Maremaa
    Apple Technical Publications
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