Leopard Subclassed NSColorWell Strangeness

  • I just wanted to share the following in the hopes that it might save
    someone a few hours of frustration...  Prior to purchasing Leopard
    this evening I had been developing using build 9A527.  When I copied
    my project over to the release version of 10.5 tonight and started
    working on it, the custom NSColorWell's in my app began having
    intermittent but very obvious flickering issues when being updated.
    This had never been an issue in 10.4.x or previous builds of 10.5
    that I had used.

    I absolutely tore my app apart trying to find the source of this
    issue.  Unable to figure out the cause, I ultimately started writing
    a new demo app to see if I could get to the root of the problem.  It
    didn't take long to figure out my little demo app didn't have any
    issues.  To make a long story short I had to nuke all my old color
    wells, drag new NSColorWell's into my window in IB, change them all
    to my custom class and then rewire everything.  Everything is now
    back to functioning flicker free.

    This is using Xcode 3.0 and IB 3.0 FWIW.

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