Combining Core Image and Core Video

  • I'm working on an application that needs to draw graphics (including
    animated gifs) and play videos using effects from Core Image and Core
    Video. The images and video need to be arranged in a z-order and be
    individually clipped to arbitrary paths. Any of these objects can be
    individually edited, moved, resized, etc. as you would expect in a
    typical drawing application. It needs to run on 10.4 and up.

    For 10.4, I started with the techniques used in the FunHouse example.
    Basically, I have an OpenGL view that I'm using Core Image in. I've
    seen other samples using Core Video in an OpenGL view, so it appears
    that I can do what I want by combining the two approaches.

    Under Leopard, does it still make sense to manage my Core Image and
    Core Video data in an OpenGL view or does something like Core
    Animation provide a better approach? I'm mainly concerned about
    performance. I don't need OpenGL itself, other than to combine my
    Core Image and Core Video rendering. I'm currently seeing poor
    performance when dragging individual items around (as effects are
    being reapplied). I haven't started optimizing yet so I can't tell if
    this is a problem with this approach in general or not. The FunHouse
    application exhibits the same behavior. Any real world advice would
    be appreciated.

    Also, what is the best approach for playing animated gifs in this
    kind of scenario? I'm planning to display one frame at a time and
    change the current frame via a timer.


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