Cocoa project not linking static library

  • I hope this is not off-topic for this list...

    I know I'm missing something obvious here, but I have problems with a
    cocoa static library that I've used on other project. I've created a
    Cocoa Foundation Tool, added the static library to the "External
    frameworks and libraries" folder in the project view, included the
    header file in myproject.m for the library's functions and the
    library was automatically added to the "Link binary with libraries"
    folder under Target. When I try to compile and link in release, I get
    unresolved externals. Xcode dosen't even seem to link the library,
    seems like it ignores it!

    So I compared the project settings with another project that uses
    this library and unless I miss something, their settings are exactly
    the same! Then I tried to create a new Cocoa Application to see if I
    could link the library and I got the same error...

    Perhaps I forgot a step?
  • Hi Luc,

    Have you checked the "Library Search Paths" in the build tab of your
    Active Target?
    Verify that the path is same as the location where you static library is

    Edit the active target.Use " Project->Edit Active Target 'Target Name' "
    Go to the "Build" Tab.
    Check "Library Search Paths".

    Is the displayed path right?

    If there are multiple values delete all the  entries.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the Build Tab.
    Are there any entries as "LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATHS"?
    If there are entries DELETE all of them.

    The "Library Search Paths" should have only one entry ,the Static
    libraries most recent path.
    Existence of multiple paths might create difficulty while linking to the
    correct library.

    Hope this is helpful.

    Best Regards,

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