Auto-resizing NSTextField

  • Hello:

    I'm trying to subclass an NSTextField, so when the data is loaded
    into it, the field resizes (vertically) so all of the data loads

    I've found this bit of code and have been using it as an example:

    I implemented my own version of this code, and when I try to tell the
    NSTextField to resize, it gets to the method, but it doesn't react.

    What I'm also finding, is that it isn't even setting the string any

    So, this line used to work when the text field was a standard

    [myTextField setStringValue: myString];

    Now, after I subclassed the text field, it does not even seem to
    respond at all.  Doesn't set the text, doesn't resize.  Any tips on
    what I'm missing or doing wrong?


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