NSStepper and NSMatrix

  • Hi, I have a problem with my stepper. I would like to create a way to move a
    row in an NSTableView according to the stepper. For instance, if the user
    would like to move the row "b" in: a
    And move it up to switch place with a, (make it look like this: b, a, c, d,
    ) how would I accomplish this? The only thing that I have at the moment is a
    stepper with a table that does add adn remove rows. I can not seem
    to change the order of them. I am not sure how to start this whole process
    for I am unfortunately a "noob". I have just started cocoa a few months ago
    and in you help if you don't mind, it would help a ton if you could be as
    descriptive as you can. I would really appreciate any help, Thanks!

    Also, I am creating an NSMatrix, to be able to take a path from the table
    and display the icon for the path. FOr instance, in the table, the first
    path is /users/miller/apps/wcode.app in my martix, I would have the icon for
    wcode shown. Also, if the next path in the table is ...apps/ichat, the next
    icon in the matrix would be the ichat icon. Any help with this one too would
    be greatly appreciated.

    If you don't understand anything that I have said, please feel free to email
    me, and again Thank You!
    - Matt Miller -
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