[Moderator] Leopard API and iPhone SDK Discussion Reminder

  • I wanted to post a quick reminder with respect to the discussion of
    Leopard and Leopard APIs.

    While a release date has been announced and it's only a week away, the
    Leopard API is still under non-disclosure. That means it can't be
    discussed here. I want to thank the list members for their continued
    assistance in this regard (and that it has been such a rare issue in
    the last 2 years). I'll post a message when it is OK to discuss
    Leopard on the list.

    Also, to head-off any potential postings...

    With the announcement of the forthcoming iPhone SDK (and the fact that
    Steve has always said that Cocoa is the native framework for the
    iPhone) speculation about the SDK contents and capabilities aren't
    appropriate for the list.

    Thanks again for your continued participation in the Cocoa development


    Abuser of ellipses
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