Identify monitors

  • Those of you on quartz-dev will have seen a somewhat related post
    from me recently about multiple monitors.  This came up in the same
    issue.  I have a program that (can) renders to multiple displays over
    multiple video cards.  To identify the displays uniquely I had been
    using the viewport of the display (origin and size).  This works
    fairly well with only 2 displays.  I recently moved to a machine with
    4 displays and things get a little funky.  Displays move, resize,
    swap positions, and things get all confused if a monitor is unplugged
    because that just shifts Everything around.

    Here is my setup:
    Display 1: DVI connection to Sceptre 22"
    Display 2: DVI connection to video switcher (shows up as a unique
    Display 3: VGA connection to video switcher (shows up as a generic
    VGA device)
    Display 4: VGA connection to projector (shows up as a generic VGA
    device, same #s as display 3)

    I have looked at using the Vendor ID, Model ID & Serial # of the
    displays, but none of the hooked up devices have serial #'s returned
    and, as I have seen with display 3 & 4, if I have 2 devices hooked up
    that are the same then I will get duplicate numbers.  Is this my best
    bet to use the VendorID, ModelID and serial # and then if I have
    multiple matches use the viewport origin and hope they haven't moved
    any displays around or is there a better way that I have not found yet?

    I fear, though, that this is the best way. :/

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