CoreData and NSDate searches on date fields

  • Hi all,

    I am performing a search on a coredata field of type Date, it is a
    search across a date, I want every record whose start date
    and end dates are within the range specific.

    There are many thousands of records to be compared, and the search is
    currently very slow.

    I have added an index using the _CreateIndex tag in the attributes,
    and this has helped a lot, but it is still too slow for my needs.

    I was wondering how the search/date storage is implemented and
    whether I would be better off shifting to specifying the type as a
    NSTimeInterval/double and searching on that?

    is the date converted to a number for storage and searching anyways?
    or would I improve the speed by doing it manually?

    thanks for any help.

    Yours cheerfully,

    Andrew Bush
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