Custom NSViews not highlighting

  • I have a custom NSView subclass in side of a scroll view. This
    subclass contains a bunch of NSViews which act as buttons with in. I
    want to be able to select an area of these buttons and have them all
    highlight (to show they are selected) I have no trouble getting the
    selection to draw, and according to my NSLog tracking the view's
    within the selection rectangle are being recognized correctly. The
    problem is I cannot get any form of a rectangle to appear around the
    edges of the button. Now originally the subviews acting as buttons
    had the following code:

    [self lockFocus];
      [[NSColor yellowColor]set];
      NSFrameRect([self bounds]);
    [self unlockFocus];

    this code would not highlight the button during mousedrag, nor when
    called after the mouse up. However if I called it from within the
    subview it would highlight correctly so this leads me to assume the
    code should have worked..

    Now still having no success, I added the following code to the master
    view. (the subclass that contains the buttons.)

    NSEnumerator * iter = [[self subviews]objectEnumerator];
    NSMutableArray * subviews = [[NSMutableArray alloc]init];
    id item = NULL;
    while(item = [iter nextObject]){
      NSRect intersection = NSIntersectionRect([selectionMarker
    selectedRect],[item bounds]);
      NSRect selection = [selectionMarker selectedRect];
      BOOL inside = NSContainsRect([selectionMarker selectedRect],[item
      if(inside || !NSIsEmptyRect(intersection)){
      [item lockFocus];
        [[NSColor yellowColor]set];
        NSFrameRect([item bounds]);
      [item unlockFocus];
      [subviews addObject:item];
      [item lockFocus];
        [[NSColor yellowColor]set];
        NSFrameRect([item bounds]);
      [item unlockFocus];
      [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] runUntilDate:[NSDate
    [self setNeedsDisplay:YES];
    return subviews;

    I can use NSLog to track that infact the 'buttons' are being
    correctly detected, and asked to highlight however no highlight ever
    appears. (I know a yellow box is ugly. I'll use the proper highlight
    in the end but before I worry about it I'd like to at least get it
    Now the button items all have the first responder methods and
    drawRect overriden, I don't know if this is causing the problem. If
    so, do I need to add a contingency for when the button has been

  • --- Development <development...> wrote:

    > -(void)highlight
    > {
    > [self lockFocus];
    > [[NSColor yellowColor]set];
    > NSFrameRect([self bounds]);
    > [self unlockFocus];
    > }

    Drawing in NSViews is supposed to be done from
    drawRect:. Move the drawing code into there and simply
    mark the view as needing display when it needs to be


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