Re: documentation

  • On 11. Oct 2007, at 22:51, Jonathan Hendry wrote:

    > Go into XCode's preferences. All the way to the right is the
    > Documentation icon. Click on that.
    > The panel that comes up lets you check for documentation updates.
    > XCode should ask you if you want to download the latest update.

    it should, but it doesn't. check for documentation updates is
    selected and set to daily. but sometimes (like now) that whole line
    (including the check now button) is grey so I can't use it. and when
    it is not grey and i click the check now button, the barberpole
    appears, and that's it. nothing else happens. i've removed the xcode
    rule from my firewall, so if xcode was trying to access the internet,
    it would pop up a dialog box asking me if i want to allow this access.

    > That should be everything. You'll get a disk image which contains
    > an Installer package you need to install. As part of the install,
    > it will tell XCode that the documentation has updated.
    > If all else fails, the latest documentation update package is also
    > available via ADC, if you have a (free) internet membership. The
    > file is large, several hundred MBs.

    the other day i found a 1GB file (i think it was a package of PDFs)
    dated 3rd october, accompanied by a 38K PDF file. is that the one? i
    didn't download it because 1GB is a lot of stuff, even on an 8Mbit/s

    so if xcode doesn't ask me if i want to download that update, that
    probably means something's FUBAR, right? should I remove a prefs
    file? re-install xcode?
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