selectable text field

  • i have a (small) nstextfield bound to a method in my controller. the
    text field is set (in ib) selectable, but not editable. my method
    returns a NSAttributedString, that contains two strings separated by
    a slash character. one or the other or both of the strings will
    either be red or black (ie, have no fore ground color attribute). if
    i don't do anything special, when i select anything in the field, the
    text all turns black, and stays black until the contents of the field
    get changed via my above method. on the other hand, if i set the text
    field to allow edditing of text attributs, via
    setAllowsEditingTextAttributes, then altho the text stays red when
    selected, when selected the text moves down a pixel and the text
    seems to condense.

    how can i make this field selectable and not have the text shift
    position, layout, and color when selected?


    ps. this can easily be seen by making a small cocoa document based
    appliction that only has a NSTextField and some other field that can
    accept focus.
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