Printing issue with flipped PDF images

  • Dear All

    I am trying to draw a PDF image into a view that its coordinates have
    been flipped, so in order for the image to be the right way up I need
    to also flip it.

    I create a NSPDFImageRep from the PDF, and then I add it as a
    representaion to a NSImage class, which has no other representations.
    Then to flip it I use the NSImage class method "setFlipped:" setting
    it to YES;
    Now it all works well when drawing to the view on the screen, but
    when I want to print form the view the image is miss placed
    vertically. The image sizes remain as expected, but the y offset is
    increased by a factor of about 4. if I do not flip the image in the
    NSImage it works fine, but the image is upsidedown.

    does anybody have any suggestions.

    PS this is on 10.4 system

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