Adding binding causes all bindings to fail

  • I have a strange situation where when I add one additional binding in
    Interface builder, all of them seem to stop working.

    My set up:
    I have an Array Controller which is bound to an NSMutable array in my
    application's main class. Very similar to the documentation for Cocoa
    bindings, I have a Master-Detail interface. The master is an
    NSTableView with two columns, each of the columns is bound to a
    different key in the array controller. The first has the model key
    path of Array and the second has path
    Array When I add items to my array
    controller programatically, the appropriate values show up in the table.

    My detail view consists of 7 parts. I have two text fields, two
    images, and two text views. One of each of the pairs correspond to one
    column in the table, the other three correspond to the other column.
    There is one additional text field. The two groups of three are
    identical except for the Model Key path in the binding. One set
    consisting of a text field, image, and text view have the model key
    path corresponding to Array while the other
    three correspond to Array The three views
    (text field, image, and text view) display different things based on a
    custom value formatter. The additional text field binds to Array

    The problem:
    If I have 6 of these connected, say the three binding to foo, the text
    field binding to size, and the text view and text field binding to
    bar, then when I add items to my array controller, everything works
    exactly as I would expect: the data shows up in the table, clicking on
    the item shows more information in my detail view.

    When I hook up the last view binding to bar, recompile, start the app,
    and add something to the array controller, nothing happens. There is
    no console message, no exceptions are thrown, nothing appears in the
    table, no selection is made (or maybe it is and the detail view just
    stops working), nothing. If I uncheck the bind button in IB, it goes
    back to working (except for the one unbound view).

    As far as I can tell, it doesn't matter which subset of these 7 I use,
    as long as I don't use them all, it works.

    I'm at a loss. I've been playing with this for several hours. I only
    have 10 bindings in total right now, I'm positive that there cannot be
    a limit of 9 bindings per application. Any suggestions would be much

    Steve Checkoway
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