Binding NSTokenField

  • Hi list,

    I'm having trouble binding an NSTokenField. I want to bind to an
    array of custom objects, which have a string representation for
    display. So I bind the value of the NSTokenField to a key for an
    NSArray of my controller. The controller is also the NSTokenField's
    delegate, and implements
    tokenField:displayStringForRepresentedObject: delegate method, to
    return the string representation of the custom object. However when I
    try to run this app, the tokenField is not filled and I get lots of
    log messages like the following:

    represented objects must either be an NSString or you must implement
    the displayStringForRepresentedObject: delegate method.

    Well, as I said I *did* implement this delegate method. Is this a
    (known) bug? Or did I miss something?

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