Modal Dialog Window Buttons Ignoring Clicks (Sometimes)

  • This is most annoying.  Let me head off the first likely response - I
    need a modal dialog window - not a sheet.  There may or may not be a
    window open to host a sheet at the time I need to display this.  I
    don't need/want a sheet.

    I'm trying to get a modal window working - it is the registration
    tool - its job is to interrupt you and ask for registration
    information at key times.  It has two text fields and three buttons.
    It has a controller that owns it. The showWindow code is
    straightforward, loads from nib, sets up some look parameters, then
    calls NSApp runModalForWindow: dialogWindow.  The dialogWindow is an

    Often, the window and its elements seems to ignore mouse clicks,
    although keystrokes work for tabbing among items and entering text
    into the fields.  But it would be really nice if the buttons worked
    with the mouse.  Sometimes, the buttons kind-of work, accepting every
    nth click where n is something like 6 or 10.

    What am I doing wrong here?
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