NSPersistentDocument Merged Model Problem

  • Hello again list,

    I've been encountering a strange problem with a Core Data/
    NSPersistentDocument-based project I've been working on.  I have two
    separate computers -- an iMac at work and then a MacBookPro at home.
    I work on my project in both locations.  Today I worked on my project
    on the iMac (including some adjustments to my managed object model
    and some NSManagedObject subclasses code).  By the end of the day, it
    was compiling and running fine on that computer.

    I just brought it over to my mac book and all of the sudden it can't
    get past the following call in my NSPersistentDocument subclasses
    initWithType: override:

    NSManagedObjectContext* managedObjectContext = [self

    The error I get when that line is called is "Can't merge models with
    two different entities named 'Object'".  But the thing is, I only
    have one managed object model in my project...what would it be trying
    to merge with?  And why does the exact same project compile and run
    fine on my iMac and crash on my MacBookPro?  This leads me to believe
    that is the cause ... any ideas?
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