Re: -[NSInvocation length]: selector not recognized [self = 0x30abd0]

  • Hi Jim,

    On 9/24/07, Jim Correia <jim.correia...> wrote:
    > On Sep 23, 2007, at 5:26 PM, NSTask wrote:
    >> Follow the advice of the logged message, and when you stop look at
    >> the backtrace and work backwards to find the memory management bug.
    >> I backtraced it to see the memory management bug and fixed it. By
    >> the time object
    >> reaches to the client it automatically gets released.
    >> So for testing I retained it again and got this
    >> [NSConcreteData _fastCharacterContents]: selector not recognized
    >> [self = 0x30d000]
    > Now you've got another bug. Someone is sending a string method to a
    > NSData.

    Your debugging tips have been very helpful to me. I have managed to
    understand the cause of problem but I do not know the solution. What I
    understand is by the time passed object (_sess) using following method =>
    [client performSelector:@selector(appendMessageString:) withObject:_sess];
    reach to the client it looses its class and displays the object class as
    <NSDistantObject: 0xa27e76e0>, while it should have been my defined
    SOAPSESSION class.

    Further ahead I tried retrieving values on the client side from this _sess
    variable and it worked fine [_sess valueForKey:@"username"] but when I try
    to use it with soapapi because its loosing its class reference, I can not
    get the soap call working.

    Best regards

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