calling willChangeValueForKey on NSManagedObject causes fetch of unrelated to-many relationships

  • I'm in search of help debugging a CoreData problem. Clearly, the fault
    is mine but because of bindings and CoreData, I'm having a really hard
    time tracking down the cause of the problem. Any suggestions or
    pointers for strategy would be greatly appreciated. Here's a
    simplified description of my problem:

    In the schema of my CoreData app, I have an entity Foo with to-many
    relationships to Bar and Bazz entities, as well as to-one
    relationships to other entities. Foo also has a boolean property
    fooProperty. I have generated NSManagedObject subclasses for all
    entities. Calling [fooInstance setFooProperty:] seems to take a
    surprising amount of time. I set the 1
    argument for my app's executable and find that the call to
    setFooProperty fires the fault for all of the to-many relationships
    for fooInstance. Stepping through setFooProperty in the debugger, I
    see that the fault is fired on the call to

    In the app's UI, I have an NSArrayController bound to an array of Foo
    in my document which is the data source for an NSTableView.

    Can anyone suggest, from this obviously simplified example, why the
    to-many relationships faults would fire when I try to set a property's
    value? I'd guess that I've mistakenly created some observer for the
    fooProperty that tries to access the bar and baz relationships. How
    can I find this observer? I tried overriding valueForKey/KeyPath: and
    mutableSetValueForKey/KeyPath in Foo and setting a breakpoint if the
    key was one of the to-many relationships, but apparently none of these
    methods are called in firing the fault. I'm now at a bit of a loss to
    figure out why these faults are firing...

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