nib not loading properly

  • Hi All,

    I have a nib that consists of a basic window with a couple of text
    fields. For some reason, neither of the text fields becomes active
    (blinking cursor). I tried changing setting initialFirstResponder for
    the window to one of the text fields, and also set nextKeyView for
    each of them. No use.

    NSLogs confirm that I have entered and left awakeFromNib. If I try to
    trace the execution, I am able to step through until the thread is
    NSApplicationMain (following loading of the nib). Switching active
    windows, the nib is there, but it does not seem accessible and I
    cannot type text.

    The debug window at this point has some cryptic thing like a memory
    address and a string of numbers that make no sense to me. There are
    no variables to evaluate.

    Does anyone have a clue what might be causing this? Again, must be
    some basic newbie error, but I've set up plenty of similar interfaces
    and have never encountered this. (Usually, the first textField is
    automatically activated.) Thanks for looking.

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