can reverse page order printing be done programmatically?

  • i can't seem to get reverse page order printing to work
    programmatically. i've tried calling
            -[NSPrintOperation setPageOrder: NSDescendingPageOrder]
    prior to calling:
            -[NSPrintOperation runOperationModalForWindow: delegate:
    didRunSelector: contextInfo: ];
    and this didn't work.

    i then tried running the print panel myself and in the
    printPanelDidEnd delegate methos calling setPageOrder and the
    -[NSPrintOperaiont runOperation], again with no effect.

    i would also like to be able to determine if the user has checked
    reverse page order printing in the print panel, so i could set it as
    the default for the next print operation, but i haven't been able to
    figure out how to do that either, ie, if i examine the NSPrintInfo
    passed to the delegate method:

            -printOperationDidRun: success: contextInfo:

    page order is set to 1 (NSAscendingPageOrder), even if i've done a
    reverse page order print.

    so... is it possible to programmatically determine the page order
    requested by the user for a print job, and then set that as the
    default for the next print job? (and thus i'm doing something wrong.)
    or is this a (known) bug, ie, that setPageOrder, doesn't really do

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