[Job Posting] Mac Dev positions at Sling Media

  • Sling Media, the makers of the Slingbox--a popular device that lets you
    watch your TV remotely over the Internet--is seeking two more
    experienced Mac developers to join our software team here at our
    headquarters in Foster City, California, located between San Francisco
    and the Silicon Valley.

    Req #165: Senior Engineer, Web Services Client Integration
    We want to extend the Mac SlingPlayer application to include all kinds
    of web services, but keep the "out-of-browser" experience that native
    applications do best.  That means WebKit.  And Javascript.  And the
    Cocoa-Javascript bridge.  And SOAP.  And...well, join us and show how an
    experienced web services client developer brings this all together.

    Req #139: Senior Engineer/Staff Engineer, MacOS X & Cross-Platform
    The Mac and Windows versions of the SlingPlayer share a lot of key
    technology, but need to share the code base more.  Join us in the design
    of cross-platform interfaces to audio and video streaming, Slingbox
    setup and configuration, and much more, and then use your solid
    knowledge of MacOS X multimedia, networking, and related frameworks to
    implement them.


    We offer these positions with preference to candidates seeking
    full-time, on-site employment in Foster City, CA, though contracting
    and/or telecommuting will be considered with exceptionally qualified

    Please do not follow-up or reply to this list!  Instead email me (the
    hiring manager) privately at <st3veh AT slingmedia DOT com>.

    Steve Hartwell
    Project Lead, Macintosh Products
    Sling Media
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