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  • On 13 Sep 2007, at 12:10, Kulkarni, Amit wrote:

    > Hello all,
    > I have been using VISEX for some time.
    > I am in search of alternative to VISEX, which should be more
    > interactive
    > and flexible. I heard about i-Installer. May I know the pros and
    > cons of
    > using I- Installer against VISEX. I am totally unaware of i-Installer.
    > Please suggest any good installer for MAC OSX.

    How is this related to AppleScript?  You need to choose the correct
    venue for your questions.  Omni Group's macosx-dev list might be a
    better choice for this one.  (Hint: *don't* just reply to this
    message without removing the AppleScript list from the CC box in your
    mail program.)

    It's also bad form to write messages with no subject line.  You
    should use a subject line, because people who read mailing lists
    don't necessarily have an interest in every message sent to the list,
    and filling out the subject line with something sensible will
    encourage those who *do* find the topic interesting to take a look at
    your question.

    As for the question you asked, it's worth noting that Apple
    specifically discourages the use of installer programs, and also that
    if you really have to use an installer [which is rarely the case],
    there is a built-in Apple installer, which is what all of Apple's
    software and a lot of other third-party software uses.  The benefit
    of using Apple's installer is that it integrates nicely with Remote
    Desktop, and it can be used from the command line [for instance where
    remote installation is desirable].

    Kind regards,


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