Drop bug in NSTableView?

  • I have implemented drag and drop in my NSArrayController for my data
    hierarchy (one view/controller per level) and for the most part, it works.
    However, I have run into a couple of cases where it does not, and it appears
    that the bug is in NSTableView.

        If the selection is one or more consecutive items at the top of a list,
    I cannot drag-copy to the top position.  Also, if the selection is one or
    more consecutive items at the bottom of a list, it will not drag-copy to the
    end of the list.  In either case, I get the drag feedback, but not the
    insertion line for the mentioned drop locations.  The data is sent to the
    drag pasteboard, but no calls are made for the drop (validateDrop,
    provideDataForType, or acceptDrop) unless it is a drag to another document
    window.  Of course, a drag-move would make no sense in either case, but
    drag-copy does.

        BTW, it does matter because I allow the user to select the depth of the
    copy, a fact that is unrelated to the supposed bug, but is impacted by it.

        Is this a known bug in NSTableView?  I haven't found it in the archives.
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