Using the tab key to cycle through custom NSViews?

  • NSWindow with three custom views (added programmattically.)

    In my views, I set up the responder chain, and also the keyView
    chain. My view implements all three responder methods, and also
    returns YES for canBecomeKeyView.

    With one view manual made first responder, when I hit tab, I can see
    the window walk the nextKeyView chain, but it doesn't seem to "like"
    any of them so the original view stays as the first responder.

    Do I need to do something in code myself in
    performKeyEquivalent:(NSEvent *)theEvent?

    [I did find that if I always return YES to performKeyEquivalent in
    the subclasses, the nextKeyView chain is not walked, so I think I'm
    getting close...]

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