NSPopUpButton & NSPopUpButtonCell in Table set to same NSMenu causes draw glitch

  • Anyone seen this before? I have an NSPopUpButton with its menu outlet
    set to an NSMenu in my nib. It displays fine. However, I want the
    same menu to appear in a table. So I set the column to use
    NSPopUpButtonCell and set the cell's menu outlet to the same NSMenu.

    The table cell popup works fine but now my NSPopUpButton outside of
    the table, which was previously fine, draws with an extra dark
    shadow. It looks like it's getting drawn multiple times. For
    instance, if I turn off its border then the text for it gets darker,
    again as if it is being drawn twice.

    Simply creating a second duplicate NSMenu for it does fix it, but I
    wondered if anyone had a better workaround, or if I'm not supposed to
    be using the menu outlet in this way (the only mention of the menu
    outlet in the docs seems to be regarding contextual menus).

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