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  • Hi all,

    I'm pleased to announce the launch of Brainjuice, an independent software
    house dedicated to the Mac OS. Our first product, Blogo, is nearing launch,
    and we'd like to invite all of you to sign up for the public beta.

    Blogo is a weblog editor born out of frustration. We tried it all. The AJAX
    web interfaces. Widgets. ecto. MarsEdit. Nothing was able to quell our need
    for something simpler, easier, and faster.

    I've watched our creative director's blog go from 3 posts per month to 25
    after our first internal beta. I've seen the eyes of people who have never
    thought twice about blogging light up when they see how easy it is with

    We'll be releasing a public beta next week. To sign up, go to and add your email to the list.

    You can read more on my blog, Unfit for Print:

    Thanks for your time spent reading this, and we hope to see you at launch!

    - Ben

    P.S. Please direct any personal replies to <ben...>.
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