Clarification on mmalc controller website text

  • Folks;

    On the quite useful website:

    It says under a bold title: Adding Columns Dynamically
    "...It is possible to add table columns dynamically to a table view,
    and to establish bindings on the fly. In many cases, however, if it's
    possible to do, it is likely to be easier simply to create and bind
    the full table view in Interface Builder and hide those columns you
    don't want..."

    How do you "hide the columns you don't want"?

    I've looked at the NSTableColumn it inherits only from NSObject so it
    doesn't respond to -setHidden
    There are no 'visible' bindings for table columns.
    What am I supposed to do to "easily" hide the columns?

    I am assuming the the advice above does not mean to use a third party
    tool which uses undocumented private methods.

  • On Aug 27, 2007, at 8:54 PM, Steve Cronin wrote:

    > What am I supposed to do to "easily" hide the columns?

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