An idea about desktop amusing

  • OmniDazzle probably uses a borderless window containing an OpenGL
    context to both read the desktop image and display the Core Image
    filter output.  It may even be possible to do the whole thing in
    Quartz Composer with no code.
  • Maybe many people have seen the application - OmniDazzle(if you
    haven't , go to the Apple's official download page and search for it).

    There is a special effort which can generate a ripple effect when you
    click the mouse.
    Hmm, if you use the core image filter ,it isn't very difficult to
    realize it. But there also is a big obstacle - how to manage to get
    the desktop layer?
    If you watch it carefully , you will discover that the ripple is
    above the desktop icon, and you see the distorted contents of desktop
    through the ripple, precisely as the dashboard does.

    Maybe it will call some private API , but I am really very interested
    at that. Does anyone know what  technology they adopt to grab the
    desktop to show the core image power?

    Thanks for any help.
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