That time again: Cocoaheads Lake Forest (CA) this THURSDAY, 11/16

  • Cocoaheads Lake Forest (CA) will be meeting on THURSDAY this week, due
    to a room scheduling conflict.  We will be meeting, as usual, in the
    community room of the El Toro branch of the Orange County Public
    Library at 24672 Raymond Way, Lake Forest, CA 92630.

    Please join us from 7pm to 9pm on Thursday, 11/16.

    A Long Thread, A Lazy Programmer

    Multithreading is one of the more failure-prone tasks that a
    programmer can take on, yet it is also one of the most potentially
    rewarding.  This month, we will be discussing the best practices
    needed to get your app doing more than one thing at once.

    Cocoa UIs are single threaded out of the box.  This makes it easy to
    write many apps, as you can avoid questions of concurrent access, data
    changing underneath you, invalid states, and race conditions in simple
    applications.  That said, you are giving up half the performance
    available on even the least expensive machines Apple makes, and three
    quarters on the high end MacPro machines.  Learning even a few simple
    tricks can dramatically improve the user experience.

    We will start with simple NSTimers, and will move on to NSThreads,
    with perhaps a diversion into how concurrency is handled in other
    languages and on other platforms.

    (Anyone willing to show up and chat about OpenGL, either at this
    meeting or a future one, please contact me!)

    Bring any code snippets, bugs, or questions, and we will do our best
    to dig into them.

    O'Reilly has donated a copy of High Performance MySQL as a door prize.
    Attendees will also be given a user group member discount code for
    35% off books from O'Reilly and some of their partners.  (The discount
    improved from 30% on a single book.)  Thanks, O'Reilly.
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