[ANN] CocoaDev Jobs Board

  • I've added a "real" job board to the CocoaDev website:

    Main Site: <http://cocoadev.com/>
    Job Board: <http://cocoadev.com/jobs/>

    Over the last few months, I've seen increased interest in posting job
    listings on CocoaDev, and the wiki format hasn't been working well
    for that -- out of date (or filled) listings tend to stick around,
    making it hard for candidates to sift through, and recruiters had a
    difficult time understanding the wiki concept in general, resulting
    in a number of emails to me.

    So, the new board is a triple-win!

    DEVELOPERS: You'll see only current listings, in an easy to browse
    format.  There's also an RSS feed you can subscribe to.  The board is
    100% free for job-seekers to use.

    EMPLOYERS: Your posts are seen by a daily audience of nearly 2,000 of
    the most passionate, savvy Mac OS X developers, with a broad range of
    skill sets, including Cocoa, Carbon, and Java, on one of the most
    prominent Mac OS X development sites on the web.

    ME: If I'm lucky, I get a little cash to help keep me interested in
    blacklisting spammers from the wiki on a daily basis, and other less-
    than-fun administrative duties.

    Grand Opening Special:

    Since the job board is literally brand new as of about an hour ago,
    there are no job listings yet.  I'd like to encourage any hiring
    employers who may be reading to post a 30-day listing at only $50 for
    a limited time.  You can get this 75% discount using the discount
    code GRANDOPENING for the next two weeks only.

    I hope this will grow over time into a valuable resource for
    developers and employers alike.  I'm not aware of any other Cocoa
    specific job board.

    And with that, I'll scurry back into the darkness.

    Thanks very much for reading.  Please email me off-list if you have
    questions or concerns about this, or CocoaDev in general.

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