.mov starring: NSBrowser

  • Ok.

    I've scoured all resources available to me, and have haven't found a
    solution to this NSBrowser problem. And because everyone loves a
    little NSBrowser problem, I made a little video to document it!


    Basically when I select things (core data entities, all of the same
    type, with the typical parent < -- >> children kind of setup)

    When I navigate around the browser view, with key press or mouse,
    some selections 'stick' and proceed to highlight or do multiple
    selection, completely ruining the flow of things (sub items are not
    shown). When I did the shoot, however, it took a little while for the
    darn thing to stuff up (it's amazing what an audience can do to a
    performer), so bear with it for a few seconds, because it sure enough
    slips up, and you'll see what's happening. I start with key press,
    and then move to mouse.

    Any ideas?
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